No. Type of Assignment Scope Of work
1. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) testing 1] Central SOX team is responsible for the design phase and co-ordination among the various teams. Location level teams are responsible for process-wise testing.
2] The testing activity/controls identified has been divided in to various processes (Financial & Accounting, Purchases and payables etc) and the templates are prepared accordingly. These templates for various processes are tested at the location.
3] We are involved in process wise testing of various business processor and design there of to some extent
2. Business Process - Design & Documentation services We assist our clients in developing efficient chart of accounts as well as internal control framework. We have evolved a very efficient methodology based on indepth study of business process resulting in design support information, authorisation,validity , error handling, physical safeguard measures.
3. Statutory Audit & Tax Audit 1] Compliance with companies act, accounting procedures, compliance with accounting standards issued by ICAI.
2] Compliance with Income tax act and filling of tax return and tax audit report
4. Credit Processing and Analysis Verifying the financials and credibility of the client so as to advice on disbursment of loan against property by HDFC Bank Ltd.
5. Depository Audits Yearly audit of various depositories and RTA agents . The work included verification of account opening /closing forms , Daily Instruction Slips and overall internal control and system control at the depositories as per the guidelines and the communiqes given by CDSL.
6. VAT Audits Verification of returns filed under MVAT Act and CST Act and the reconcilation of the same with book records and also include compliance with various rules of MVAT & CST and filling of Form 704.
7. Fixed Asset Verification 1] Scope of work included physical verifcation of all assets at the plant and reconcilation of the same with the FAR ( Fixed Assets Register)
2] Identifying all assets with unqiue code and updating the same in FAR
8. Certification Work Certification work done includes certificate for export performance,reporting of actual transaction of external commercial borrowings, certificate for payments of royalty,etc of various companies.
9. Collection Audits Scope of work included verifiaction of repossessed files for departments such as two wheeler loan, four wheeler loan , credit cards defaulters, home loan collections. And also the physical verification of assets that are repossessed by the bank and lying in stock. Also scope included verifying whether departmental heads followed the procedures as to collections and resale of repossessed assets. And the internal control matters in this regards.
10. TIN Facilitation Centre (Managed by NSDL)  
11. ETDS Return preparation  
12. Other Activities  
Income Tax , Sale Tax Consultancy  
Project preparation