Today is the era of outstanding. More entities are resorting to outsourcing various business processes for want of professional Guidance, economy in data processing, economies of Scale and Skilled manpower etc.
Taking this in to consideration our firm has taken a plunge in to various outsourced business activities.
bullete  Facilities available at SSK & Co:.
  bullete Advice of CPA professionals
  bullete Advice of experts in other business areas
  bullete Strong infrastructure in terms of intranet, internet
  bullete Redundant/Alternate communication facilities
  bullete Availability of staff in all shifts
    (United States, united kingdom and Australia)
bullete  Types of services offered under BPO arm of SSK & Co.
    Financial Data Processing & Data Management
  bullete Accounts payable
  bullete Accounts Receivable
  bullete Maintenance of complete accounts
  bullete Various Other financial processes
  bullete Cash flow management
  bullete Banking transactions
  bullete Taxation services and Tax Preparation
bullete  Document/ Data processing